Making Inroads

Serious progress is being made at Alakoko. The mangrove removal continues on two fronts.

A volunteer group of workers (Menehune) is manually cutting away the mangrove from the archaeologically sensitive area along the fishpond wall. By diligently working every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, they have covered approximately 20,000 square feet and are rapidly approaching the first break in the wall.

Mark and Peleke at work with polesaws.
Piles of mangrove cut by the Menehune.

The second effort, which involves the use of heavy equipment, began with preparatory improvements to the entry road to Alakoko and the clearing of a staging area to be used for stock piling logs and chipping the mangrove. This effort has now progressed to clearing a path around the backside of the fishpond.

Serious progress being made by these machines.
Mangrove removal on two fronts.

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