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coverpage Mālama Hulē‘ia is a voluntary non-profit organization dedicated to improving key parts of the Nawiliwili Bay Watershed on Kaua‘i by eliminating an alien and highly invasive plant species. This invasive plant – red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) – is attacking some of our most valuable assets in the watershed. Over the last 50 years, red mangrove has been changing native wildlife habitats in and along the Hulē‘ia River and destroying the Alekoko Fish Pond. We are working for a future when all of the red mangrove will be gone and all of our ‘ainakumuwai (watershed) can be made as productive as it once was.

This web site provides information about the Mālama Hulē‘ia organization, our history, motives, knowledge base, current projects and activities, and our vision for the future. If you agree with what we are doing, we welcome you to participate in and share our journey. Please visit our How to Help page. Mahalo.

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Please join us…

This 3rd Saturday (July 16, 2016) volunteer work day – we have work to do, please join us!  Starting 8:30 – noon or anytime in between. Pizza lunch provided.

Also, save the date and join us August 7th 10:30 am for a ceremonial celebration of our work and dedication of the collaborative community park beautification project:Moon Mosaic Ded Invitation

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Mangrove Removal Along Niumalu Road

Wow! In the last  5-days we’ve cut and moved ~175-yards of mangrove, 90-yards chipped and 2.5 roll-off containers not chipped!  Excellent work everyone! Thanks to the awesome volunteers from Adventures Cross Country, our dedicated board of directors,


Before and After

especially those skilled at using a chainsaw(!!) and Dr. Berg for leading young people to do great environmental volunteer work, as well as our hired tree trimming service, JP’s.

Wood chips available at Niumalu Beach Park – grab them if you want them!

Lots more volunteer work to do, so come join us this 3rd Saturday (July 16th) 8am and we’ll feed you lunch!

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Volunteer Today Saturday (4/23) 8am-Noon

Please join us in working with the Rotary Club of Kauai, Kaiola Canoe Club and the YWCA in a community service project – beautifying the Niumalu Beach Park pavilion as well as work in the restoration of Pu`ali Stream wetland.  We need at least 25 people, so invite a friend!

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Building of the Ku Ahu

On the Kū kolu mahina of April 10th, Mālama Hulēʻia and friends gathered to celebrate the culminating hard work of removing invasive mangrove from Puʻali stream alongside Niumalu park by erecting an ahu.  In the last three years, over 1000 volunteer hours have been poured into this effort to restore Pu’ali estuary, its water flow, and the return of a natural habitat.   The building of the Ku Ahu represents the recognition of our kupuna and their values, the kuleana we have all taken on as a community and the vision we have for reaching Alakoko loko i’a one day.  Skilled cultural practitioners and friends of Mālama Hulēʻia spent the day in protocol and kokua to complete the symbol of pride, strength and reverence.

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Written by Mason Chock ::  Photos by Kat Ho

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April 16 Work Day Canceled

Aloha Supporters~ Wanted to let you all know that we are not meeting this 3rd Saturday, April 16.  We will be meeting to work on our park beautification project next Saturday, April 23, where we will be participating with the Kauai Rotary Club in a Weinberg Project benefiting Malama Hule`ia and the YWCA along side Kaioloa Canoe Club to improve the pavilion, club area and work on the Pu`ali wetland restoration area.  Please join us on the 23rd!

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Hawaiian Lunar Wisdom

March 8, 2016 starts the beginning of the 30 day Hawaiian moon calendar month of Nana (March). It is a month of action and growth in nature and environment.  Also a great time to  volunteer with Malama Huleia at the Pu`ali wetland restoration site (Niumalu Beach Park).  Join us this 3rd Satruday, March 19th 8:30am!

Each month starts with the new moon, Hilo. Today, the Hilo moon will pass directly between the earth and the sun, creating a total solar eclipse. While totality is visible on Islands in Micronesia and Indonesia, Hawaii will have a partial view. Starting around 4:30pm and lasting a few hours with maximum viewing around 5:30.

Later in the month (March 22,23 2016) a penumbral lunar eclipse will be subtly visible  11:30pm – 4:00am, during the Māhealani, full moon.

The observations and wisdom of the traditional Hawaiian moon is the focal point of a new mosaic being created by youth from Kauai through Hale Opio’s art and cultural program, Ke Kahua O Ka Malamalama. This 5 foot square mosaic, to be completed by this summer, will be installed at the Niumalu Beach Park pavilion.  If you know Kauai teens interested in participating in this community art project, please contact Kat Ho at (808) 635-4110.

For more information about Malama Hule`ia’s volunteer workday, March 19th, email Sara at malamahuleia@gmail.com.

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New Mālama Hulē‘ia Directors and Officers

In the January, 2016, meeting of the Mālama Hulē‘ia Board of Directors, new members of the Board were voted in, and new Board Officers were elected. We are fortunate to have as new Directors Dr. Lee Evslin and Kumu Sabra Kauka, who are both well respected leaders in the Kauai community.

Dr. Lee (Bill) Evslin, former CEO of Kauai Medical Clinic and Wilcox Hospital, retired last year from his integretive medical practice. He remains active in environmental health issues on Kauai, and has recently completed work on the joint County/State panel examining the environmental impacts of the argicultural use of pesiticides on Kauai. Bill Evslin also paddles canoe.

Kumu Sabra Kauka is dedicated to perpetuating the Hawaiian culture in all of its aspects. She teaches Hawaiian Studies and hula (Halau Na Pua o Kamaile) at Island School. She coordinates the Hawaiian Studies Cultural Personnel Resources on Kaua`i for the DOE. She teaches many traditional arts including making Kapa, feather lei and weaving lauhala. Kumu Sabra is also involved in mālama ʻāina; as founding member and president of Na Pali Coast `Ohana, she works to restore and conserve Nu`alolo Kai State Park along the Napali coast.

Mahalo to Alberto Genovia and Pomai Kane for their past services on the Mālama Hulē‘ia Board of Directors. Pomai played an important role in supporting the start of Mālama Hulē‘ia within the Kaiola Canoe Club, of which she is president. She also served as MH Treasurer during the last 2 years.

The slate of MH Officers elected in January for 2016 are: President – Pepe Trask; Vice President – Steve Yee; Secretary – Mark Hubbard; Treasurer – Luke Evslin.  Our new president makes the following statement:

I am thankful for the opportunity to have a meaningful impact upon this special and unique Kuleana and Community. And I am excited about furthering the goals of MH, the removal of Mangrove from Hule’ia, regenerating the pride of ownership of the community, rejuvenating Hawaiian cultural values, flora and fauna, and educating and passing on to our children the importance and value of pride and ownership of community, hard work, vision of seeing beyond the trees, and Hawaiian values. MH has a great BOD, and I am ready to start our engines and begin the cutting… Hoe Wa’a Imua !!!

And so we are off to what should be a great new year.



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