Progress at Alakoko

After years of planning, permitting and securing funding we are excited about the progress being made at Alakoko. In September we had an ahu ceremony to set our intentions and path forward. We are now moving ahead with the mangrove removal project at Alakoko, which will be a big step forward in clearing the invasive species from the Huleia watershed.

Ahu Building

In October we had a ground breaking community workday and celebration.

community celeb0-Luke

Since then we have cut nearly 17,000 square feet of mangrove.

Work in Progress

Today (December 19, 2018), we have mechanized help to clear the stockpile area where the cut mangrove will be piled. Once that stockpile area is filled the Kauai Green Energy Company will haul it and turn it into renewable energy.

We are happy to be moving forward and are grateful for the community support in the work we are doing. We have set the community workdays for the 4th Saturday’s of each month in 2019. Watch for details on how to sign up to participate in the New Year.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year ahead!

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