Mālama Hulē‘ia

2020 Board of Directors: Establishes the overall mission, vision, strategies and programs for Mālama Hulē‘ia.

Pictured from left: Ruby Papp, Secretary; ChrIs Kauwe; Emory Griffin-Noyes; Jan Tenbruggencate; LaVerne Bishop; Lee Evslin, Vice President; Sabra Kauka; Luke Evslin, Treasurer; Mason Chock. President

Mālama Hulē‘ia Board Affiliations
Updated March 2020

  • Mālama Hulē‘ia Board President, Mason Chock is a co-founding member and former Executive Director of Leadership Kaua‘i, He has worked in education and public service for 20 years. He is the owner of Kupu A’e Leadership Development, an experiential education company, specializing in cultural, place-based learning, adventure-based therapy, team building and leadership development. Mason currently serves as a Kauaʻi County Council Member. He is an Aloha Aina, Leadership facilitator and community advocate.
  • Mālama Hulē‘ia Board Vice President, Lee Evslin is a paddler and the former CEO of Wilcox Hospital and Kaua’i Medical Clinic. He served as a board-certified pediatrician on Kaua‘i for more than 30 years. He is a private landowner with experience using a variety of equipment for clearing 11-acres of hau.
  • Mālama Hulē‘ia Board Secretary, Ruby Pap is a Coastal Land Use Extension Agent with the University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant College Program based in the County of Kaua‘i Planning Department. She serves as a liaison between university and private researchers, government, and the community to ensure the latest coastal science is available for coastal zone planning, management, and educational activities. Her main focus is on coastal hazards and climate change.
  • Mālama Hulē‘ia Board Treasurer, Luke Evslin is a paddler and the co-owner of Kamanu Composites, the Hawai‘i based outrigger canoe manufacturing company. He has served on the County of Kaua‘i’s Open Space and Natural Resources Preservation Commission and was a member of the citizen’s advisory committee for the Kaua’i General Plan. Evslin is currently member of the Kaua‘i County Council.
  • LaVerne Bishop held Program and Executive Director positions for over 40 years at Hale `Opio Kaua‘i., a youth development and treatment agency. Currently active with the Leadership Council of Keiki to Career Kaua‘i and on the board of Kaua‘i Planning and Action Alliance, she is a Community Representative for the State
    Foundation on Culture and the Arts for Artists in Public Places.
  • Emory Griffin-Noyes has been involved in the conservation and perpetuation of endemic Hawaiian plants and animals for the past 15 years. Currently he is the Associate Biologist with Hallux, focusing on protecting endemic seabirds from the threat of predation by invasive vertebrate pests.
  • Sabra Kauka is a kumu of Hawaiian Arts & Culture. She is a founding member and past president of Napali Coast Ohana and continues to serve as a volunteer. She also serves on the board of Garden Island RC&D. She lives in the ahupua’a of Kalapaki and feels a responsibility to Mālama Hulē‘ia.
  • Jan TenBruggencate is a paddler and builder of Hawaiian outrigger canoes, the author of a number of books on Hawaiian history, a communications consultant and science writer.
  • Chris Kauwe has been a Kaua‘i resident since hurricane Iniki, Mr Kauwe is a canoe paddler and is involved in many Hawaiian cultural activities. He brings his experiences to bear fruit for the Mālama Hulē‘ia Board and the wider community.

Mālama Hulē‘ia Staff: Responsible for executing all program requirements, including fund raising, and achieving the mission of Mālama Hulē‘ia.


  • Paleke Flores, Field Operations Manager
  • Sara Bowen, Executive Director
  • Llewellen Woodward, Kupu Intern


Our Partners

Mālama Hulē‘ia could not succeed without kokua from the government agencies, businesses, community organizations, as well as hundreds of individuals who are our supporting partners.

The following have contributed significantly to our operations:

  • Matson
  • Hallux Environmental (predator control)
  • Dukes
  • Kaiola Canoe Club
  • Outfitters Kauai
  • Department of Education
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • Kauai Veterans Trucking
  • KUA
  • Okada Trucking

We have received funding from these agencies and foundations:

  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service USFWS
  • Hawaii Department of Fish and Wildlife DOFAW (as the project sponsor/partner)
  • Hawaii Community Foundation
  • County of Kauai Office of Economic Development
  • Kamehameha Schools
  • Schmidt Foundation
  • Chapin Foundations (names?)


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