About Malama Huleia

Mālama Hulē‘ia is a Hawaii nonprofit corporation formed in 2015. According to its Bylaws, the specific objectives and purposes of this corporation are to:

advocate for, participate in and lead a community effort to eradicate red mangrove and other alien and invasive plant species from riparian areas along the Hulē‘ia estuary and river, to replant all areas cleared of mangrove with native or Polynesian-­introduced vegetation, and to establish a stewardship program and organization that will sustain the restored Hulē‘ia watershed in ways consistent with traditional Hawaiian beliefs and practices in caring for and cultivating land and water, and such other goals as the board may deem

In its most recent strategic planning session, the Mālama Hulē‘ia Board of Directors has interpreted these corporation objectives and purposes with the following mission and vision statements:

Our Mission

Mālama Hulē‘ia advocates, educates, and leads community efforts to remove red mangrove along the Hule‘ia river, re- establishes native wetland ecosystems and creates an environmental stewardship program honoring Hawaiian values.

Our Vision

A free-flowing, healthy and productive Hulē‘ia ecosystem perpetuating community pride.

Our Logo