Our machine crew, led by Bryan Vallet, is doing quick work in taking down the mangrove around Alakoko Fishpond. Today the excavator operated by Georges Parks broke through to the pond. This is a milestone accomplishment.

Other members of our machine crew are Skylar Smith, Brock Struthers, Howard Fox, and Chuck Hayes.

The Breakthrough
View of Alakoko from the Excavator

Meanwhile, the Menehune are nearing the first break in the wall of the fishpond, where there is also a break in the mangrove. They expect to reach the water there in one or two more workdays.

Work in Progress

We have a community work day this Saturday, January 26, 2019. Come and help us clear the invasive red mangrove from the historical Alakoko Fishpond. Come prepared for sun and mud, and lots of aloha.

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