Mahina Rhythms

Moon Phase Mosaic by Kat Ho

Malama Huleia is consciously integrating a kilo practice along with our restoration efforts. To kilo is to observe your environment which is specific to place and unique to each individual. The moon cycle influences the tides and movement of water through gravitational pull affecting ecosystems and our restoration work. The long tradition by our ancestors of observing the moon has resulted in knowledge of timing for optimal fishing and farming practices.  Below is a brief overview of a few of the moons in this upcoming season. 

New Moon/First moon – (Muku, Hilo)

October 16th 9:31am :: November 14th 7:07pm :: December 14th 6:16am

The Muku moon is the 30th moon, the end of the moon cycle. It is when the moon is in front of the sun; the backside is lit and the front side facing earth is dark. The first moon is a faint feather of light; key concept  – “ilo” to germinate/sprout. Good time for planting seeds (not tubers or bananas). Great for beach and reef fishing, observing extreme high and low tides. A good for setting or re-setting personal goals and intentions.

First Quarter Moon – `Ole (`Olekūkahi, ʻOlekūlua, `Olekūkolu, `Olepau)

October 23rd 3:22am :: November 21st 6:45pm :: December 21st 1:41pm 

There are four ‘Ole moons in the first quarter of the moon cycle; the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth moons with the Olekūlua being the quarter moon. `Ole can describe – pausing, ceasing, peeling back or removing. It is generally an unproductive time but can be used to prune, mulch and weed. Not good for fishing. A good time to take action toward our goals.

Full Moon –  Piha moons (Akua, Hoku, Māhealani)

October 31st 4:49am :: November 29th 11:29pm :: December 29th 5:28pm

There are three Piha moons; the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth moons moon. A form of the word hōkū, star. When mahina is Hoku, she travels through the night from beginning to end (as do the stars). Excellent time for planting (except for kalo and bananas), seeds will be animated. Good for fishing at sea but not at shore. Watch for high waves. Time of culmination and celebration of efforts made toward our new moon intentions. 

Third Quarter Moon – `Ole (`Olekūhahi, `Olekūlua, `Olepau)

October 9th 9:31am :: November 8th 3:46am :: December 7th 2:36pm

October 9th 9:31am :: November 8th 3:46am :: December 7th 2:36pmThere are three `Ole moons in the third quarter moon cycle; the twenty-first, twenty-second, and twenty-third moons with the ʻOlekūlua being the quarter moon. Not a good day for planting or fishing during the ʻOle moons. A good time to rest, refine and reflect – let go of anything that is not aligning with the goals and intentions set at the new moon.

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