In our on-going work to clear the land of red mangrove from Alakoko Fishpond we can always use more helping hands. There are several ways to volunteer your help:

Volunteer as Menehune
We have a small group of skilled volunteers who we call Menehune because they tend to work out of site of the public. They work mainly with chainsaws to manually clear archeologically sensitive areas of the fishpond. They are supported by equally dedicated workers who help to stack the cut mangrove for later removal to a chipper. These volunteers keep a regular schedule of work, which is currently Tuesday and Thursday mornings. If you will like to join this crew either as a chainsaw operator or helper, please contact our Operations Manager, Paleke Flores. Safety training and equipment will be required.

Volunteer for Our Community Work Days See our Mangrove Clearing Schedule and Contacts in the column on the right.  Start times are normally at 8:30 AM.


To prepare for your volunteering time, please print out and read the Safety Procedures linked here. VOLUNTEER SAFETY PROCEDURES