How to Help


Since March 2020 when the COVID pandemic hit, we have not been holding community workdays. We are excited to announce our first community gathering, Saturday March 19, 2022 8am-12pm since then and since Alakoko was purchased for protection, restoration and education! We are so excited for this new chapter of stewarding this special place and to be with the amazing community that supports this effort once again. REGISTER here to save a spot – spaces are limited. Lunch provided!

Please signed our online waiver form by selecting “Waiver” in the menu above.

Ella Offley (left) and Hi’ilani Venture (right) from Island School helping.


You can give us a helpful boost just by getting the word out about our project. Use the optional “Share this” or “Like this” on the social links below to let your family and friends know who we are and what we are trying to achieve. Be sure to share our URL so others can come here too.

You can also print our brochure and distribute as many copies as you wish to print: Mālama Hulē‘ia Brochure


Donations to Mālama Hulē‘ia will be used to support our effort to eradicate red mangrove from the entire Hulē‘ia watershed. Mālama Hulē‘ia is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization. You may make a tax deductible or tax free monetary donation to our organization in several ways. We will provide you with an acknowledgement and receipt whenever the donation is a given with a return address or email address.

You can write a check to “Malama Hule’ia” and mail it to the following address:

Mālama Hulē‘ia
P.O. Box 662092
Lihue, HI 96766

If you have a qualified retirement fund (IRA), you can take a tax free distribution from your fund by having the distribution check sent directly to Mālama Hulē‘ia at the above address. Please consult with your fund administrator for details and notify us in advance so we can watch for your donation and properly provide you with a receipt.

You can go to our Facebook page and make a donation through Facebook.

Or you can donate any amount using PayPal’s  secure online service by simply clicking on the Donate button below. Charging to your debit or credit card is possible.



10 thoughts on “How to Help”

  1. Hi do you have any work days last 2 weeks of July. We will be visiting and would love to help out. We are a group of 4 all over 17. Thanks!

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