Open Space Commission Supports Alakoko – Mahalo to All

Mahalo to all who signed our petition or gave testimony! And mahalo to the Open Space Commission for unanimously voting to support acquisition of Alakoko for its perpetual protection!

Over 4,000 of you signed our statement of support online. Hundreds of you shared your aloha for Alakoko through heartfelt letters and written testimonies. Several of you shared old memories of looking out from the scenic viewpoint at the overgrown pond, with a vision, longing for the day that community would have the opportunity to mālama Alakoko, to heal her, and be healed by her. It’s because of our shared vision, and your hands that have come together to live your kuleana, that we are here today! Mahalo!

In its teleconference meeting yesterday (February 11, 2021), the Kauai Open Space Commission voted unanimously to support the acquisition of Alakoko for its protection by Mālama Hulē‘ia and The Trust for Public Land. All nine members of the Commission voted to recommend to the Kauai County Council that the Public Access, Open Space and Natural Resources Preservation Fund be used in the purchase of Alakoko.

The County Council will review and act on this recommendation in an upcoming meeting. Stay tuned for updates on how to support our presentation to the County Council.

All of the written testimony can be viewed on the website. Here is a link to our written presentation to the Open Space Commission: .

Supporting testimony included voices of students in the Hawaiian language:

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