Science Teachers, Purple Maiʻa, Oceanographer and Mālama Hulēʻia Meet at Alakoko

A team of science teachers and technical experts met with Mālama Hulēʻia at Alakoko Fishpond Thursday (June 20, 2019) to look into sensor technology for better monitoring and managing the pond.

The session at the pond, and later in a laboratory, was arranged through Purple Maiʻa, a nonprofit organization bringing technology and place-based learning together to teachers.

The team of science and computer teachers from several Kauaʻi schools, alongside Purple Maiʻa’s team, worked with University of Hawaii oceanography professor Brian Glazer and Peleke Flores and Sara Bowen from Mālama Hulēʻia.

They are working on developing technology for studying water movement, temperature, salinity and other features of the nearly 600-year-old pond along the Hulē`ia river.

More on Glazer’s work at his home page:

More on Purple Maiʻa at its website:

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