Mālama ʻāina this Saturday



Come join us for our last community workday of 2017! Mahalo nui for all who came out this year and previous years. We are dependent on community support and your hard work truly helped this wahi pana become a happier place. We are hoping Niumalu park and Pūʻali wetland become a kīpuka for native habitat and a puʻuhonua for families to come and enjoy.

Mālama pono!

Wahi pana-
n. Legendary place.

n. Variation or change of form (puka, hole), as a calm place in a high sea, deep place in a shoal, opening in a forest, openings in cloud formations, and especially a clear place or oasis within a lava bed where there may be vegetation

nvi. Place of refuge, sanctuary, asylum, place of peace and safety.


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One Response to Mālama ʻāina this Saturday

  1. 4mahealani says:


    Could you please call me at your earliest convenience to discuss a possible workday next month with Kamehameha Association of Kaua’i.

    My number is 808-639-8569.

    Mahalo, Māhealani

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