Emory Griffin-Noyes Joins MH

In the January 2017 Mālama Hulē‘ia Board of Directors meeting, Emory Griffin-Noyes was elected as a new Director. His term will run from 2017 until 2020. Belatedly, we welcome Emory to the MH Ohana.


Emory is great fit for Mālama Hulē‘ia. He was instilled early in his life with a love of nature, especially plants, by his grandmother as they tended her garden and collected likikoi for jam. He has pursed his passion of preserving the natural world through numerous restoration projects, seed banking efforts as well as the protection and promotion of endangered species on Kauai. Emory’s love of plants also extends to his collection of orchids and many species of native plants.

Professionally, Emory previously served as a native plant restoration project manager at the Limahuli Garden of the National Tropical Botanical Gardens.  Currently, he is a Predator Control Technician with the Natural Areas Reserves System (NARS) of Hawaii DLNR. He is working to reduce invasive predatory vertebrates that feed on two species of endangered ground nesting seabirds, the Hawaiian petrel and Newell’s Shearwater.

Emory’s love of nature and expertise in both native plant restoration and predator control will be helpful in ensuring that Mālama Hulē‘ia follows best practices in all the conservation work needed to complement eradiaction of  red mangrove around the Hulē‘ia.

Welcome aboard, Emory.



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