Building of the Ku Ahu

On the Kū kolu mahina of April 10th, Mālama Hulēʻia and friends gathered to celebrate the culminating hard work of removing invasive mangrove from Puʻali stream alongside Niumalu park by erecting an ahu.  In the last three years, over 1000 volunteer hours have been poured into this effort to restore Pu’ali estuary, its water flow, and the return of a natural habitat.   The building of the Ku Ahu represents the recognition of our kupuna and their values, the kuleana we have all taken on as a community and the vision we have for reaching Alakoko loko i’a one day.  Skilled cultural practitioners and friends of Mālama Hulēʻia spent the day in protocol and kokua to complete the symbol of pride, strength and reverence.

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Written by Mason Chock ::  Photos by Kat Ho

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One Response to Building of the Ku Ahu

  1. Auntie Jo says:

    Grateful to have done a tiny bit to help.

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