Hawaiian Lunar Wisdom

March 8, 2016 starts the beginning of the 30 day Hawaiian moon calendar month of Nana (March). It is a month of action and growth in nature and environment.  Also a great time to  volunteer with Malama Huleia at the Pu`ali wetland restoration site (Niumalu Beach Park).  Join us this 3rd Satruday, March 19th 8:30am!

Each month starts with the new moon, Hilo. Today, the Hilo moon will pass directly between the earth and the sun, creating a total solar eclipse. While totality is visible on Islands in Micronesia and Indonesia, Hawaii will have a partial view. Starting around 4:30pm and lasting a few hours with maximum viewing around 5:30.

Later in the month (March 22,23 2016) a penumbral lunar eclipse will be subtly visible  11:30pm – 4:00am, during the Māhealani, full moon.

The observations and wisdom of the traditional Hawaiian moon is the focal point of a new mosaic being created by youth from Kauai through Hale Opio’s art and cultural program, Ke Kahua O Ka Malamalama. This 5 foot square mosaic, to be completed by this summer, will be installed at the Niumalu Beach Park pavilion.  If you know Kauai teens interested in participating in this community art project, please contact Kat Ho at (808) 635-4110.

For more information about Malama Hule`ia’s volunteer workday, March 19th, email Sara at malamahuleia@gmail.com.

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  1. aktraskjr@gmail.com says:

    Aloha Kakahiaka Sara … It’s Always Great to hear your email !!! … And thank you so much for all your time, thoughtful, and Good Work…


    Pepe Trask 808-635-7867 aktraskjr@gmail.com


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