More than Almost Pau

Today we made great progress pulling mangrove bundles from the farthest end of the job site into the roll-off bin. Mark Hubbard devised a 3-stage method of pulling the mangrove first along one angle using a pulley, and then from the pulley location straight to the bin, and finally from in front of the bin into the bin. This efficient method allowed us to pack the bin in one day. So even though more mangrove piles remain in the field, we have to cancel the workday scheduled for tomorrow, 8/16. The next time Mark and his truck will be available is next Thursday, so we are hoping there are enough volunteers then to make that the final mangrove clearing day. [UPDATE: Due to timing of the tides, we decided to move the final mangrove clearing day back by one week to 8/27. Start time will be 7:00 AM to take advantage of the low tide.] If you can help Thursday 8/27 please let one of us know. (See right panel.)

The native water birds are still enjoying the place. Seen in the shallows today were a pair of Ae‘o (stilts), a flock of ‘Akekeke (ruddy turnstones), and two ‘Auku’u flying around. Here’s a picture of the stilts:



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