Almost Pau

In  the last month the Menehune have again worked their magic in removing almost all of the piles of cut up mangrove from our Niumalu/Pu‘ali site. Menehune Chief Mark directed the effort and put his truck to work pulling the sledges and bundles of mangrove roots and branches directly into the roll-off bin. (Watch video below.) Also helping with the Menehune effort were Carl, Odan, Steve, Frank, Luke, Mason, Shyla, Kamalani, Pepe, and others, including someone who left some planks for walking over the mud. Here are a video of the work in progress  and a picture of what remains.


Not much mangrove. Lots of open water.

With a good turnout on our regular work weekend, this Saturday and Sunday, August 15-16, we could be all pau with clearing the mangove at this site. So if you have not been in the field lately, come and join the Malama Hule‘ia gang with the final clearing. You will have the satisfaction of witnessing the transformation of a place once overgrown by invasive mangrove into an open wetland much more friendly to our native waterbirds. They are not waiting until we say we are pau. While working on the site, it is possible that you will see the Ae‘o (stilts) and ‘Akekeke (ruddy turnstones) who have recently found their way back to Niumalu. They join the other native birds previously sighted there. These birds won’t mind sharing the water and mud with you.



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3 Responses to Almost Pau

  1. Jan TenBruggencate says:

    So, we thought we might be creating additional park space, which would be nice, but instead (stilts, ducks, turnstones, gallinules) we’ve created really great estuarine wildlife habitat. Excellent!

  2. says:

    Would have photos of the before?

    Joseph “Joe” Borden Kauai District Manager 2494 Niumalu Rd. Lihue, Hawaii 96766 P (808) 241-3113 F (808) 241-3117

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