Niumalu Transformed

View of the Puali from Niumalu Rd.

View of the Pū‘ali Stream from Niumalu Rd. – Mangrove trees are gone

Driving along the Niumalu Road over the one lane Pū‘ali Stream bridge, the makai view for many years has been that of a mangrove forest overgrowing the stream and blocking the sight of the Small Boat Harbor and Kalanipuu peak beyond. This view is now changed forever. There are no more standing mangrove trees, only a clump of young coconut trees that had been hidden by the mangrove.

The transformation happened almost overnight thanks to the expert crane work of Larry Conklin, the professional tree trimming work of Jim Campbell and crew, and especially the super menehune work of the Native Hawaiian Conservation team. This team, led by Charlie and Tanya Cobb-Adams had accomplished an amazing feat last week of clearing the whole makai end of the remaining mangrove forest. (See previous post.)

They returned again on Tuesday, May 26, with an additional sister. This time they set for themselves a clear and simple mission: Take down ALL the remaining red mangrove trees in the Mālama Hulē‘ia project site. And this they did in one day, leaving behind only neat piles of roots, tree trunks and branches.

This is true aloha from those in Native Hawaiian Conservation. They came on their own, gave plenty of themselves and received no compensation – except perhaps a good feeling in the heart knowing that the ‘aina can now breath a little bit easier. Mahalo nui loa, Brothers and Sisters.

A clear view of the mountains from the Pū‘ali Stream

A clear view of the mountains from the Pū‘ali Stream


Mission accomplished – only stacks of debris remain.

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  1. Ruby Pap says:

    Looks great!

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