The Brothers and Sister Were Here


They were here!



As if magically responding to the song “Where are the Brothers?” the super menehune team of Charlie and Tanya Cobb-Adams, Guy Thronas, Anson Villatora, Nalu Kapua, and Renan Hernandez appeared on Wednesday morning, May 20, 2015, and went to work on the mangrove. They just dug into the remaining trees toward the Small Boat Harbor end of our Niumalu/Pū‘ali project site and flattened them all. By the time they left, there were just stumps and piles of roots and branches. They easily accomplished in one day what the regular old menehune would need three months to do. Mahalo nui, Brothers and Sister. And mahalo to Mark Hubbard, the one old menehune who kept up with all the young ones.


Pulling mangrove out of the water and stacking

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3 Responses to The Brothers and Sister Were Here

  1. Malia Chun says:

    100% AWESOMENESS!!! Aloha ʻāina is a KĀKOU thing gang!!! Mahalo nui for All your kōkua….

  2. Malia Chun says:

    SOLID!!!! Mahalo nui, you guys ROCK!!!


  3. JoAnn Yukimura says:

    Phenomenal! Outstanding! Mahalo nui!

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