Project Kuleana 2: Where are the Brothers

Go watch this Vimeo video and then come back: 

3 'elemakule + 1 wahine

3 ‘elemakule + 1 wahine

All of this was moved on Saturday.

All of this was moved on Saturday.

Part of Sunday's hard working crew

Part of the hard working crew on Sunday


Regular scheduled work weekend, May 2015: Saturday we had a work crew of 3 ‘elemakule, 1 wahine, and 2 keiki and we kicked butt – filled up the bin with plenty of mangrove roots and logs. Sunday, we had the same 3 ‘elemakule, even more old than the day before, joined by one younger guy, who says he only sits at at a computer all day at work, and 5 wahine. And we kicked more butt – topped out the bin with more logs and moved piles and piles of mangrove roots to chipper territory.

On the other hand, just think how much more we could do if we had some kokua from the brothers. We could be pau with this project already.  We removed a huge amount invasive red mangrove from the area next to the Puali Stream and Niumalu Beach Park since we started a little more than 2 years ago.  Now we want to start working on the Huleia River and Alekoko Fishpond, where the major damage from the mangrove is happening. But we still have to get rid of the remaining mangrove at the Puali/Niumalu site.

Brothers, where are you? Where is the kuleana? Where is the aloha ‘aina?

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