Polynesian Voyaging Society and Friends of Hōkūleʻa and Hawaiʻiloa

PVS group

PVS and Friends in action.

PVS and Friends in action

Filling the bin

Filling the bin


Full bin and empty field



The Polynesian Voyaging Society and Friends of Hōkūleʻa and Hawaiʻiloa came to help on Monday, March 23, the day after our regular work weekend. It seemed that most people had other committments during that weekend, and our workforce was mainly the small but dedicated MH core. Participating in such a workforce has its rewards, but it also takes its toll. By Monday, we needed a rest day, not another day in the big weeds.

But when the PVS and Friends came, they came in such numbers and with so much energy and drive, that everyone was re-energized. After Malia’s cultural opening and Buddy’s work and safety briefing, a big group of the volunteers descended onto a field full of downed mangrove trees and cut-up branches and roots.  A couple of bucket brigades quickly formed, and all of the mangrove pieces, big and small, began to flow into the waiting bin at the edge of the Niumalu Park.  Meanwhile, another smaller group worked a truck bed liner as a sledge, hauling tree trunks and other big stuff to the bin. Before long, the bin was brimming and the remaining mangrove waste had to be stock piled. The field was cleared and work was done right on schedule and in time for lunch.

Mahalo to all in the Polynesian Voyaging Society and Friends of Hōkūleʻa and Hawaiʻiloa. Your energy powers us on in this long voyage toward complete eradication of the mangrove and revitalisation of the Hulē‘ia.

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