Repeat Defenders

We owe so much to so many people who give of themselves to help Mālama Hulē‘ia that we are always afraid of saying mahalo only some.  So let us start this off by saying MAHALO to EVERYONE and EVERY ORGANIZATION that has helped Mālama Hulē‘ia through these past 2 years.

That said, we would  still like to acknowledge a few of the numerous volunteers and organizations who have repeatedly come to the defense of the Pū‘ali and Hulē‘ia. We know how much effort and sweat it takes to cut down and haul out all that mangrove. So we actually empathize with those who come once to help, and experience the reality of trudging through sticky mud with heavy mangrove branches and roots under the hot sun, to end up feeling that that’s enough.  Those who have been willing to come back for more, therefore, deserve special thanks.

Again, let us note that that we are mentioning only a small selection of repeat volunteers in this post. Also, there is a core team of Mālama Hulē‘ia workers who are either part of our Board of Directors or staff, and they are just as deserving of thanks.

Kawaikini students learning how to transplant the  ‘ae’ae.

Kawaikini students learning how to transplant the ‘ae’ae.

Top of our list of repeat volunteers are the students and teachers of Kawaikini Charter School. We wrote about them previously here and here, and will probably write about them again, because they have adopted our demonstration project site as a learning place and come to it regularly for classes and mālama ‘aina.

KHS National Honor Society members sign in.

KHS National Honor Society members sign in.

We are amazed and grateful that members of the Kauai High School National Honor Society came to help for two months in a row. When they came for the second time just last month, they came with an even bigger workforce. It was uncessary to instruct them then about forming a bucket brigade to move the cut mangrove, since most of  them already knew the routine.  In addition, even more KHS students will be coming in April.

Rotarian at Work

Rotarian at Work

Members of the Rotary Club of Kauai have come to help in large numbers twice already. And they are planning to partner with Mālama Hulē‘ia again on April 25. Theirs is a special arrangement with the Weinberg Foundation in which the work that the Rotarians do with Mālama Hulē‘ia earns Weinberg Foundation funds that the Rotary donates to other charities in our community. So it is a multiple-win project that helps us to eradicate mangrove while helping other charity organizations with their missions.

Sheena Wise, Super MH Volunteer (also in the 2 pictures above).

Sheena Wise, Super MH Volunteer (also in the 2 pictures above).

Of the many individuals who have donated their time and energy to our cause on more than one occasion, we must give special MAHALO to one who comes on her own and quietly pitches in almost every work day. What makes Sheena Wise remarkable as a Mālama Hulē‘ia super volunteer is that she is there in the field doing what she can even when hardly anyone else is there. Sheena is truly a heroic defender of our ‘ainakumuwai. MAHALO.

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