Marching on to Free the Pū‘ali

The Wall

The Wall

Mangrove Hauling Sled

Mangrove Hauling Sledge









Faced by a massive wall of red mangrove, deep tangles of hau, and mud that can swallow half of your leg, our Mālama Hulē‘ia volunteer army continued to march toward the Pū‘ali Stream. On the weekend of August 16-17, we employed all the weapons we had, plus a couple of new ones. We had brush cutters and chain saws buzzing. We extended our walkway even further over the mud.  We loaded up carts and pushed them to where the chipper could grind up the mangrove and hau branches. We cut down and chained up whole trees and dragged them out of the mud with a truck on dry ground. And we put a couple of truck bed liners to good use as a sledges for hauling the cut up mangrove.

We made good progress in clearing mangrove and other invasive plants bordering the Pū‘ali. Although the challenge of completely eliminating these invaders and freeing the Pū‘ali remains great, we can prevail by practicing our motto: Ho‘omoe wai kāhi ke kāo‘o (Let all travel together like water flowing in one direction.) In the end, the power of wai will be on our side.

Mahalo to all of our volunteer warriors for taking on this battle with the red mangrove, especially to those who have helped before. Big mahalo to the Kane Ohana, including Durgh and Pomai Kane, who after all these years with the Kaiola Canoe Club, still demonstrate that there is more to being in an outrigger canoe club than paddling.  Also big mahalo to Dennis Chun, who took time off from his neighboring project in Nawiliwili, Nā Kalai Waʻa ʻO Kauaʻi – Namahoe, to help us with ours.



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