Another Good MH Weekend

Mahalo to all the volunteers that helped mālama wai and mālama ‘aina this past weekend (June 21 & 22, 2014).





Our big objective for the weekend was to clear all the mangrove in the Pū‘ali Stream mauka of the one lane Niumalu Road bridge. There were only a few trees there, but they were well anchored in the stream, and the task of taking them out turned out to be much harder than anticipated. But thanks to the persistent efforts of core workers Buddy, Steve, Jan, and Carl, as well as the pulling power of Jan’s 4 wheel drive truck with trailer hitch, we accomplished our goal. Just in time too, because one of the trees was full of propagules (baby trees) that would have spread the infestation further. This completes one important segment of the areas we have targeted for mangrove eradication in phase 2 of our project. It is important because it involves working directly with a private land owner for the first time.  We are grateful to George Costa and Mizutani family for allowing us to work on their property.

While some of us were working in the stream, others were taking care of the land on the park side of the road.  Joe Currameng had a brush cutter whining at full speed as he cut down the giant guinea grass stream side of the park.  Pepe was in the mud and mangrove taking down some big trees. On Saturday, volunteers Sheena Wise and Nadia Kaley took care of picking up and carrying mangrove branches and roots to the bin. And on Sunday volunteers Noelani and Lehia Pomroy, Cory Dotario and family, Derek Kessler and family and co-workers from Keoki’s Paradise, Kimi and Rush Akeo, all took on the hard job of transporting the cut stuff to the chipper, which was manned as usual by Yosh.

Tidal Challenge

Tidal Challenge

The end result of all this effort is a wide open space between the mangrove and our boardwalk. And since this area is flooded by every high tide, removal of the cut material has become very challenging.  We may need another visit by the menehune to move the boardwalk again. Or we may need to extend the boardwalk and cut further down toward the Small Boat Harbor Point.

Mahalo also to those who generously took care of keeping us fueled: Pomai and Amber Kane and Sam Chapin on Saturday, and Barbara Prige and Aunty Apaka on Sunday.  Needless to say, there was way more ono food and drink than we could consume.

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