First Year Celebration

In spite of the threatening weather reports, we had dry skies and a strong showing by some of our most valued supporters in the celebration of Mālama Hulē‘ia’s first successful year.  The event on Friday evening, February 21, was to thank all who volunteered to help our project over the course of the year, and we gave a T-shirt with the new Mālama Hulē‘ia logo in appreciation.

The celebration started with an oli composed by Malia Chun for the occasion:

Ke Kahe o Hulēʻia

Ke unu mai nei o Aiaoli
The Aiaoli wind stirs
Ma ka malu ‘olu’olu o ka me’enui
In the refreshing shade of the hero (Kawelo)
Kū kilakila ‘O Kalanipu’u
Kalanipuʻu stands majestically
Ma ka ‘ehu kai o Nāmakaokahaʻi
In the sea breeze of Nāmakaokahaʻi
ʻEkuʻeku ke kama a Kaliuwaʻa
The child of Kaliuwaʻa (Kamapuaʻa) uproots the earth
Pākele aku ka wahine ʻai honua
The woman who consumes earth (Pele) escapes
Ka ʻāina pulapula o Haʻikū
The fruitful/abundant land of Haʻikū
Ma luna o nā ulu hōkūonālani
Under the constellations (Hōkūʻula, Hōkūlei, Hōkūlei)
Kukulu ka paia, Hōpoe ka lehua!
Build the wall (lokowai) and the lehua (Kalālālehua) will fully bloom

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter Mason’s pule, we had a great meal featuring Pepe’s mystery wok, roasted teri chicken, hapa rice and green salad; Lorna’s Portuguese bean soup; Karen’s colorful fruit salad; and a big haupia birthday cake.  Fahy’s fresh fruit puolus also decorated all the tables.

Special awards for Super Volunteer of the Year went to Tom Lodico, Mark Hubbard, Lorna Poe, Charlie Cobb-Adams and Sam Chapin.  The awards were milo bowls hiding within freshly cut milo stumps.

We would like to recognize Jo-Ann Yukimura and Gary Hooser for taking time from their busy County Council schedules (together with Mason Chock) to show their support and help us celebrate.  And County Prosecuting Attorney Justin Kollar came straight from the airport to give support.

We also owe thanks to all the Mālama Hulē‘ia team members who helped to bring together the celebration. 




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