Moving Ahead with Phase 2

Expanded Team

We start the second year of Mālama Hulē‘ia with an expanded leadership team and a fresh outlook.

Mason Chock in action

New Steering Committee member: Mason Chock in action.

Mason Chock will now be part of our 7 person volunteer Steering Committee, joining Fahy Bailey, Carl Berg, Pomai Kane, Jan Tenbruggencate, Pepe Trask and Steve Yee. Special Mahalo to Mason for the amazing pioneering job he has done in building community support and good will for our project as prior Community Outreach Manager. We welcome him as a Kaiola Canoe Club member and key participant on our Steering Committee.

New Community Outreach Manager: Malia Chun

New Community Outreach Manager: Malia Chun

Malia Chun will contribute her talents as our new Community Outreach Manager, providing valuable insight and leadership in Hawaiian cultural education. She is also the Program Coordinator for Na Pua No‘eau at KCC, UH.

Buddy Keala will continue to oversee the hard work of mangrove eradication and replanting as our Field Operations Manager.

Look for an upcoming Midweek article about the new Mālama Hulē‘ia team.

Mālama Hulē‘ia Phase 2 is funded by a second grant from NOAA and the Hawaii Community Foundation.  The project funding is part of NOAA’s Community Restoration Partnership program.  In  this project phase, we will continue the mangrove clearing and replanting work on our demonstration site between the Niumalu Beach Park and the Pū‘ali Stream. And we aim to take the mangrove eradication out along the Niumalu Road right up to the Hulē‘ia River. Mahalo to NOAA and Hawaii Community Foundation for their support.

Island School

Helping to close out Phase 1, the 7th and 8th graders from Island School turned out with their teachers on January 31. They helped to plant more ground cover and sedges, as well as to dispose of the alien vegetation being cleared from Niumalu/Pū‘ali site. Besides the serious work, there was also a lot of laughing, screaming and yelling going on. So some kids were having fun too!  Mahalo Island School!


Carl Berg explains how to plant the ground cover


and answers questions.

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