First Plantings

On January 18, 2014, with the help of Boy Scouts Troop 148, the Mālama Hulē‘ia team did an amazing job of replanting all of the areas already cleared of mangrove. Here are Buddy Keala’s and Carl Berg’s reports. More pictures and information will follow.

Boy Scouts were great. Dr. Berg, ex-eagle scout provided valuable and challenging input for all BS mudders. Guarantee 2 & comm.svc. Kids were into it. I didn’t get the group pics but they jammed in the open black mud water and pulling huge chucks of opae grass and plugging them into the mud.

Probably 300 plugs of various types. 30-40 Hala, kou, true kamane. ae ae, opae grass, ahuawa, and a couple more. lots of stuff went in and Jan put together the walkway to keep people off the new starts. We went all the way to the edge of the puali river mouth.

Checked out walkway 2.0 and deciding on the next path for movement of bigger trees out of the wetland via the walkway. Didn’t cut it out yet but it’ll be wet during some tides. Chainsaws cut an opening on the far side into the flat wetland. Tom picked up all of the old fleabane in to the county bin, while Pepe and Mason did therapeudical chain sawing. Da Jacksons brought in some hala plants. Lorna did the kaukau.

Its was a good day. Enjoy the pictures…the flags are the trees and native planting areas.

– Graydon “Buddy” Keala


We accomplished a lot. We still have more stuff at Waipa to plant on the

We Planted:
15 Kou
15 Kamani
10 Hala
70 Ahu awa
16 Akulikuli
16 Kipu kai
32 Ae’ ae

Plus a 5 gallon bucket of Ae ae cuttings from Waioli stream
Plus an bunch (50?) of Akulikuli cuttings from by canoes

AND, the Boy Scouts dug out and planted around 50-70 plugs of opae grass
in the water!

All the while Pepe was cutting away and Mason was hauling and cutting. A
couple of other helpers there also but I don’t remember the young
wahine’s name or the old regular’s.

Right now I am so tired I don’t remember much!

– Dr. Carl Berg



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One Response to First Plantings

  1. Charlie Cobb-Adams says:

    Aloha Mason,

    Mahalo for keeping me up to date. Great work!

    Charlie (Native Hawaiian Conservation)

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