Productive Saturday Ends a Productive Week





There was a lot of Mālama Hulē‘ia going on during the week ending on Saturday, November 23.  And it involved diverse parts of our supporting community.  We met with the Mayor and he provided us with an official letter of support; the County Parks and Recreation Dept. shredded the tall guinea grass at the edge of the Niumalu park to give us better access the the Phase 2 work area; Kaua’i HS science classes tested our waters and filled a bin with mangrove; the keiki of Pūnana Leo came to learn about mālama ‘aina by picking up more mangrove debris. The pictures on the right show how much was accomplished in the last 7 days,  plus 7 months.

And there was a lot more going on during the Saturday community workday.  New volunteers from PMRF joined a sizable group of returning volunteers to clear the mangrove. The day started with Don Heacock getting out and attacking the trees with his chainsaw before Mason Chock could begin the opening pule and present an orientation for the new workers. Soon enough the PMRF gang and others were at work carrying and carting previously cut branches and roots to the bins, while veterans Mark Hubbard and Tom Lodico directed the loading and compacting of the bins.  Mason and Joe Curammeng cut and pulled out new mangrove shoots.  Meanwhile, Pepe Trask and Steve Yee were taking out the last clump of mangrove at the far end of our project site. Pepe was literally neck deep in the water hauling out the cut branches and roots, with Kelii Kane, Ruben Yasay and Jared Hoodenpyle helping to pull out the bigger branches with a long rope. Almost the whole Kane family was engaged in the cleanup, with Pomai and Amber raking up the small stuff, and Durge Kane, our first Kaiola Canoe Club Headcoach, pulling out huge bushes of Indian fleabane at the park side of the worksite with his pickup truck.  He was helped by Keoki Furtado, who dug into the fleabane and strapped the bushes to the truck. Also doing some trucking for the project was Carl Berg, who loaded up a pickup truck with the piles of trash found in the worksite and hauled them to the dump.  Before the end of the day, we had two bins filled to the brim and much cleaner grounds.

Perhaps the busiest person on Saturday was Lorna Poe, who provided a fantastic 5 course lunch of chicken long rice, pork luau, ulu salad, quinoa salad and rice.  So ono!

Mahalo to all of the 37 volunteers who contributed to this very productive day:

Mark Hubbard Chuck Brady
Tom Lodico Malia Chun
Steve Yee Lorna Poe
Ricky Butay Ruby Pap
Mason Chock Sam Chapin
Ivory McClintock Pomai Kane
Majorie Howren Durge Kane
Louis Grolog Kelii Kane
Helen Cox Amber Kane
John Latkiewicz Jared Hoodenpyle
Mathew Diendorf Ruben Yasay
Stefan Alford Joe Curammeng
Cole Rollins Don Heacock
Clinton Reese Kealii Kaiminaauao
Jayrald Tanicala-Bercaso Daphne Laakea
Kaulana Poe Pepe Trask
Josh Moni Keoki Furtado
Kristin Brown Carl Berg
Eric Bee

At the point of the 1 acre triangle 11/27/13

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2 Responses to Productive Saturday Ends a Productive Week

  1. Pomai says:

    Hard work but a great feeling of accomplishment , plus the food was sooo onolicious…and…. It was really awesome that my ohana came to lend a helping hand

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