Community in Action




You know that the aloha spirit and mālama ‘aina are not just cliches when 66 people show up on a Saturday morning to help with the dirty work of cutting mangrove, picking up debris and carrying or carting all the stuff out to the chipper and disposal bin. This is not easy or pleasant work, but people volunteer to do it. It shows comittment to our cause, as well as living aloha and mālama ‘aina.

On October 19, we set a record in the number of participants in a Mālama Hulē‘ia workday. This record was achieved thanks to the involvement of four organizations: Kauai Rotary, KCC Waialeale Program, KCC Kipaipai Program and KCC Student Government.  Mason Chock started the day with a cultural orientation and pule.  Buddy Keala provided safety instructions.  Pepe Trask, with blazing woks, was the hero of the day, making a 4 course lunch that was more than enough for all.




On October 20, we had a smaller but equally committed group that cut down the remaining trees at the end of our Phase I project area.  We now have a clear view of the whole small boat harbor across the Pū‘ali Stream.  Mahalo to Karen Yee who provided a healthy and filling lunch.  Mahalo also to Loves Bakery and Starbucks for in-kind donations.

Below are all of our workforce volunteers for the weekend.  Mahalo to all.

Paul Arrigo Dasha D’Acosta Dereck Silva
Amanda Catbagan Moani Jaramillo Sutada Hesse
JR Quillos Tyres Delos Reyes Jan Tenbruggencate
Lucyancy Harper Maila Garcia Pepe Trask
Cherrilynn Coloma Leisha Saio Chuck Lasker
Chandler Asunuin Virginia Ka’aihue Herbert Semana
Rico Ruiz Hilda Javinar Robin Matutina
Albert Genovia Jasmine Sadamitsu Robert Leonillo
Keiko Ho’opi’i Shelbi Ahlan Shimusu Travis Dela Cruz
Greg Jerves Albert Genovia Alisa Waiamau
John Constantine Michael Ellis Kaehukai Keala
Derrick Baker Alexsis Valdez Carl Berg
David Pratt Uilani Manoi Gabe Wilm
Connie Rowe Misty Kaiwi Russel Fujimoto
Dawnie Peralta Duke Palakiko Dick Olsen
Ariel Bunao Tom Lodico Stephanie Giordano
Kimo Perry Bevin Parker-Evans Buddy Keala
Asya Perry Kalei Waipa Justin Kollar
Coco Chi Yosh L’hote Dory Duhaylongsod
Steven McCabe Cullen Gutierrez Ruben Yasay
Carol Pratt Kat Keala Steve Yee
Kristin Brown Mason Chock Michael Tamashiro
Richelle Rodriguez Ka’aonohi Perry
Carl Berg
Lisa Rapozo
Rebecca Yund
Mason Chock
Steve Yee
Pepe Trask
Buddy Keala
Dory Duhaylongsod
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2 Responses to Community in Action

  1. malamahuleia says:

    Corrections in misspelled and missing names were made. Mahalo to Lisa Rapozo for the corrections.

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