The Land is Breathing and the Water is Flowing


Mahalo to Island Adventures, Kauai Community College Hawaiian Studies, Nā Pua Noeau and the many community volunteers who contributed to the week’s progress! This third week of September was also a week of Na Ohana as cousins, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and whole families contributed in the Mālama Hulē‘ia effort.

We made great progress cutting down mangrove trees, clearing roots from the water and hauling the mangrove out to the chipper and disposal bin. On Saturday, our human conveyor belt was in full operation moving branches to the chipper. We took down much of the mangrove windbreak that was preventing the sea breeze from blowing through the Niumalu Beach Park. And we widened the Pū‘ali by about 10 feet by removing the mangrove that was growing in the water. The ladies of the Tuesday morning painting class in the pavilion noticed the difference. They complimented the open scenery and the nice cool breeze flowing through the pavilion.  We are indeed bringing the Niumalu/Pū‘ali site back to life.

During the next month, we expect to clear that one last clump of mangrove trees from our one acre demonstration site. Then we can concentrate on replanting with native vegetation. Planting indigenous and Polynesian ground cover, sedges and trees, will allow us to restore some of the original ‘Āinakumuwai Hulē‘ia and Pū‘ali.

We have many of you to thank for your mālama and kokua, going back to the August work weekend. Special mahalo to Charlie and Tanya Cobb Adams and Renan Hernandez from Island Adventures for crossing the Pū‘ali by kayak during the week to attack the mangrove. Special mahalo to Lorna Poe for donating lunch for all of our work days in August and September.  Mahalo too to Carla Dusenberry, Mason Chock, Sam Chapin, Steve Yee, Starbucks and Loves Bakery for contributing to the meals and snacks.

In order of sign-ins, here are all the rest of you to whom we owe much mahalo (apologies in advance for any misspelled names):

24-Aug 21-Sep 22-Sep
Buddy Keala Charlie Cobb-Adams Mason Chock
Mason Chock Scott Douglass Steve Yee
Chuck Brady Amber Bail Karen Yee
Jill Chow Justice Kimura Paul Arrigo
Hilo Chock Konala Gonsalves Carl Berg
Kama Chock Nakai’elua Villatora Kaehukai Keala
Thomas Lodico Teanna Tyler Sammy Paik
Jim Mayfield Maki Iwakawa Buddy Keala
25-Aug Kaori Shibata Kat Keala
Nelson A. Carson Destiny Ishii
Carl Berg Lindsay Ku’ehu Kahealani Perters
Jan Tenbruggencate Tiani Sukisaki Ttams Leonard Miguel
Mason Chock Kahiau Niheu Samuel Chapin
Wendall  Yamamoto Hali’a Baclayon JR Morinaka
Kamal Salibi Alexa Thompson Cody Morinaka
Renan Hernandez Kekai Puu Pomai Kane
Yoshi L’Hote Kamalu Almodora Diana Lopez
Charlie Cobb-Adams Shane Alexander Mark Hubbard
Tanya Cobb-Adams Pua Rossi-Fukino
Joshua Fukino
Eclani Mose
Kaulana Poe
Tom Lodico
Yosh L’Hote
Lorna Poe
Anuenue Mose Kanahele
Buddy Keala
Steve Yee
Kinohi Mooiki Kanahele
Enoka Mose
Ekena Mose
Samuel Chapin
Levi Kanieia Baclayon
Elia Mose
Malia Chun
Mason Chock
Jan Tenbruggencate
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