Plants at Niumalu

After walking the site with Adam Williams and Rachael Smith of DLNR, Dr. Carl Berg has compiled the following list of all the types of plants that can be found within the Mālama Hulē‘ia project site, plus a couple more recommended by the DLNR botonists:

Plants at Niumalu 8/7/2013
Nonnative Page # Page #
California grass Brachiaria mutica 270
Christmasberry Schinus terebinthifolius
Guinea grass Panicum maximum 258
Hairypod cowpea vine Vigna luteola 136
Haole koa Leucaena leucocephala 54
honohono grass Commelina diffusa 184
Indian fleabane Pluchea indica 124 37
Ironwood Casuarina equisetifolia 46 52
Java plum Syzygium cumini 131
Octopus tree Schefflera actinophylla
Red Mangrove Rhizophora mangle 128 50
Seashore paspalum Paspalum vaginatum 263
Sour bush Pluchea carolinensis 124
Wedelia Sphagneticola trilobata 129
Areca palm Dypsis lutescens
Chinese fan palm Livistona chinensis
Feather Palm – skinny leaf Archontophoenix alexandrae
Feather Palm – fat leaf Ptychosperma macarthurii
Native or Polynesian introduction
 ‘Ae’ae Bacopa monnieri 147
 ‘Akulikuli Sesuvium portulacastrum 175 41
Hau Hibiscus tiliaceus 114 30
Kipukai, Nena Heliotropium currasavicum 159 43
Milo Thespesia populnea 134 28
Niu, coconut Cocos nucifera 27
Not seen at Niumalu but recommended
 ‘Aki’aki Sporobolus virginicus 269
Hala Pandanus tectorius 123
Search native plants
Aecos guide to grasses
Hawai’I Wetland Field Guide HWFG
Hawaiian Coastal Plants HCP
List of correct names http:/


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