Three More Days of Mālama Hulē‘ia at Work

This past weekend was a busy time of mangrove clearing for Mālama Hulē‘ia and two volunteer groups. On Friday, the Kamehameha School Scholars of Kaua‘i integrated cultural learning with hands-on lessons in mālama‘āina. Mahalo to Carl Berg for guiding the students through the problems created by red mangrove and the difficult tasks of removing the invasive plants. Mahalo too for Kimo Chun’s direction of KS Scholars and for leading them to Mālama Hulē‘ia.

On Saturday we were fortunate to be joined by the Adventures Cross-Country group. These are young people combining adventure travel with community service. They pitched in to keep our wood chipper busy, forming a human conveyor belt at one point. Mahalo again to Carl Berg for working through the Surfrider Foundation to bring the Adventures Cross-Country teens to our project and for briefing them about the red mangrove invasion.

Sunday was a just a mean heads-down, cut-em-down, haul-em-out and chip-em-up day for our most dedicated Mālama Hulē‘ia volunteers. Pepe woke up all the chickens when he started blasting away with his chain saw at 6:30 AM. By the end of the day the place looked pretty good, with the two biggest mangrove trees, which were in our face the whole day, cut down and cut up for hauling. Special mahalo to Chuck Brady and the Kaua‘i Marriott Resort for the generous lunches on both Saturday and Sunday. And mahalo to Amber for the ice teas that kept us going near the end on Sunday.

Mahalo to all the volunteers who helped over the weekend:

Adventures Cross-Country  volunteers setting up to pass the mangrove.

Adventures Cross-Country volunteers setting up to pass the mangrove.

Chipping the mangrove

Chipping the mangrove

Rhandie Fernandez
Tori Daligcon-Pomaikai
Rachel Apana
Kilana Kaiminaauao
Micaela Costa
Kiani Souza
Pualilia Kahale
Hailey Nizo
Kekapuloa Thompson
Waika Corr
Andrew Evans
Kipono Pereiur
Zech Ponting
Kalena Marugume-Kahalekome
Colby DeSilva
Kealohilani Hoopii
Morgan Fu
Puaiei Pratt
Makoa Pratt
Tiani Kajiwara
Marc Wallerice
Kalani Flores
Mark Hubbard (2 days)
Tom Lodico
Albert Genovia
Chuck Brady (2 days)
Ben Brady
Jan Westphil
Katherine Dowley
Aviva Kohn
Hugh Alen
Angela Dixon
Amber Gleason
Sloane Barry
Delaney Clinger
Alexis Woifrau
Anna Callaway
Andy Lee
Hailey Aloss
John Peter Cerini
Tony Dianda
Jakki Nelson
Yosh Lote’h (2 days)
Pepe Trask
Steve Yee (3 days)
Buddy Keala (2 days)
Carl Berg (3 days)
Ruben Yasay
Pomai Kane

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