Help from KCCC

Under the supervision of Carl Braun, men from KCCC have been helping Mālama Hulē‘ia with the clearing of mangrove from our project site.  They appeared at the site on their own like menehune yesterday and today.  And they hope to return at least twice a week until the project is pau.  With this great help, we may be pau sooner than we expected.  A big MAHALO to Carl Braun and the men from KCCC.

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One Response to Help from KCCC

  1. debra kekaualua says:

    Yessssss!!! I hope Chris A was in the mix. Chris is eligible of fostering, if he had a roof over his head, adequate work connection, and general mentoring. Thrilled that the men and woman of KCCC are showing that, once they clear whatever is their baggage, that they absolutely will understand that it takes DAILY, hard physical labor, and exercise to keep a clear head and of course UHANE HEMOLELE has to be in the lead…Please remember to add, Kauai Canoe Club roots and Pila Kikuchi’s and the now collective dreams that looks potentially to ‘restored’ reality. ONIPA’A IMUA…

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