Mālama Hulēʻia is in Facebook

Our Facebook page is being managed by Mason Chock. Here is one of his first posts:

Itʻs always been a desire of mine to one day see Alekoko fishpond void of the overgrown mangrove that hovers over and intrudes its walls. It would be a greater dream come true to see it used as a productive resource it once was. I know that it would be a huge task to see this come to fruition and yet where to start and what’s the first step is always a question. It is for this reason, I’ve decided to join a group of people who have recently formed to consider this idea through the pilot project of removing invasive mangrove from Puʻali stream in the vicinity of Niumalu Park. The pilot project will serve as a resource builder and indicator if we are ready to commit to the larger vision as a community and rally to reinvest in this watershed. Thus far, we have enlisted master mangrove remover, Buddy Keala as the field operations manager and gained partnerships with state and county agencies on Kauai to support this initiative as well as other key stakeholders.

We know that we cannot accomplish the longterm vision of freeing Alekoko without the partnerships of key stakeholders like yourselves who may be able to contribute in multiple ways.

As a first step, we are planning workdays beginning March (dates below) and are currently looking for volunteers to help process the removal of mangrove. My goal would be to get our people back into our estuary, taking responsibility for it and being stewards of this precious resource. Any assistance or leads on fulfilling these needs would be a great help.

1. Practice day: March 17
2. March 30
3. April 20 & 21
4. July 27 & 28
5. August 24 & 25
6. September 21 & 22
7. October 19 & 20

We are willing to host additional work days for groups interested in coming out during the week. Our first stakeholders meeting will be on May 29th, 5 p.m. at Niumalu park. By then we will have learned a lot and have a lot to share.

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